Why Choose Us

With all these years of experience, one thing that SFAI has learned is that if you can’t provide the best levels of services, there is no way the clients are going to believe you and trust their businesses to you.

There are certain values we work around, we call these the SFAI pillars.

Long term approach

A business is a long term plan. It must be able to sustain and profit over a longer duration. The team at SFAI India will always chose long term sustainability over short term fixes for your business.


Consultancy is synonymous with honesty. If a person can’t be honest, he/ she can’t be a consultant. For the team at SFAI India, honesty is the most important of all our pillars around which all our services revolve.


What is a consultant if not accountable? We at SFAI India take accountability very
seriously. Standing by what we say, commit and promise, every single time.